Transportation AssistanceWe provide transportation to all 33 prissons in the State of Georgia and local jail facilities.

Parenting ClassesAt Bridging The Gap, we believe that parenting makes a big difference in the life of children, especially parenting that is positive, supportive and encouraging. We offer several classes and trainings that fit any family situation for parents guardians, and children in Metro-Atlanta.

CounselingResearch shows that parent-child attachment directly affects cognitive and behavioural development in children, and this disruption can lead to social and behavioural problems later in life.  Our counseloring groups assist in the healing process.

Clothing Closet
Appearance is important. Our clothing closet has clothing for boys, for all occasions, sized from infancy all the way up into adolescence. 

Food PantryOur community connections between local super markets allows us to provide food for families who need it most.

Financial/Holiday AssistanceOur W.R.A.P program holds fathers incarcerated accountable for thier actions. Father's accumulate points that translate into workable cash to pay for holiday events.

Employment AssistanceOur Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) are designed to assist ex- effectively offenders to be more effective and engaged in their jobs by providing professional, confidential assistance on problems that may impact their job performance or personal lives. Resources are provided to assist employees in coping more with everyday challenges.

Leadership Programs
We believe in motivating and inspiring youth to be great role models and civic leaders, who want to and will make a positive difference in this world. We create amazing positive environments, opportunities, and connections so the teens can discover the leader within themselves.
We do this by striving to support social and emotional learning and skills, building strong, good character, and
equipping teens with the tools and skills to start their leadership journey.